Lanique was first discovered and enjoyed over 200 years ago amongst the elite societies of the Kingdom of Prussia, the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

It was a drink that was cherished and imbibed by the wealthy and titled elite at their celebrations and grand balls.

The drink had a unique flavour and colour, and was completely natural. Its ingredients were sourced from exotic locations and included the coveted Attar of Rose from the East that gave it its unique nose and taste.

The drink remained a firm favourite all the way through to the roaring 1920s but disappeared with the Second World War when trade routes were blocked and the availability of fresh rose petals dried up. Following the reopening of Eastern Europe, curators began to unravel the fascinating history of this once loved drink.

After years of work by dedicated artisans the long lost recipe was reborn and Lanique was relaunched in the UK. Lanique is now distilled in the UK and continues to use the original recipe which has remained the same for over 200 years.

The beautiful design of the Lanique bottle has been inspired by the ingredients and history of Lanique. The splashes of gold reflect the Attar of Rose liquid, which gram for gram is more expensive than gold, while the rich blue tones reflect the opulence and sophistication of Prussia, and the rich decorations that would have dressed the grand ball rooms where Lanique was first enjoyed.

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